3rd Annual Talent Week

The 3rd Annual Talent Week 2016 was held at Darakhshan Campus from 25 to 28 January 2016. Not only has it become a way to boost the self-esteem and confidence of learners, it has also been effective in identifying their hidden talents and abilities.

The Talent Week comprised Qirat, Naat, Elocution, Singing and Story Writing contests. The week formally opened with a Qirat Competition hosted by the Senior Boys Section on 25 January 2016. It brought together our brightest students who recited verses from the Holy Quran. The judges were Hafiz Altaf Hussain and Hafiz Wahab Raza.

Next was the Naat Competition hosted on 26 January by the Prep Boys Section. Mr Muhammad Shahzad and Ms Ghazala Nadeem were the judges for this auspicious event.

The Girls Section hosted the Elocution Contest on 27 January 2016. Students focused on voice quality, speech content and delivery standards. The judges were Ms Asifa Najeeb and Ms Nadia Jafarey.

The Singing Contest was hosted by Junior B Section on 28 January. Singing builds a child’s self-esteem, promotes teamwork irrespective of age, gender and background, celebrates diversity, facilitates self-expression and is just plain fun. The competition was judged by Mr Habib Hassan and Mr Amir Tariq from the Regional Office. The participants were judged on their vocal skills, presentation skills and choice of material.

When children learn to write, a whole world of possibilities open up for them. They can put their thoughts down and create situations and stories that come from their imagination. Last but not least, was the English and Urdu Story Writing Competitions held in all sections. It was a unique chance to encourage writers from all age levels to display their creative writing skills. From every two levels, four winners were selected.

The Talent Week was a great success and it gave all students a platform to explore their talents and skills.