38th International Arab Youth Congress, Jordan

The City School Chenab Campus delegation comprising of four students proudly represented Pakistan at the 38th International Arab Youth Congress (IAYC) held in Ajloun, Jordan. IAYC is an annual international cultural program organised by the National Centre for Culture, Jordan that gathers youth from around the world for a week of learning and cultural interaction. The 5-days affair held from 3 – 7 August, 2019 commenced with a meet and greet session led by Lina Atel (Director, NCCA) and was followed by students’ enrolment in the UNDP’s workshop based on global citizenship, importance of STGs and UN’s 2030 strategy. Apart from this, the Congress incorporated a variety of activities for the delegations like parliamentary speech, panel discussions and folklore performances. Also, our students enthusiastically participated in the Media Literacy, Drama, Arts and Technological Development workshops organised later at the Zaha Center of Culture and Arts, Amman. After the knowledgeable educational sessions, delegates were taken for a mesmerizing trip to Ajlun Castle, where they witnessed the national culture and heritage and its association with ‘Sultan Salah Uddin Ayubi’. After this, the students enjoyed an adventurous hiking trip to Barqish Forest in Rason.

Further, our students exchanged traditional souvenirs with their fellow delegation members. The event culminated with a closing ceremony where all participants presented the Congress recommendations which will be sent to the Arab League, UN and UNICEF. Princess Raiya graced the occasion, visited members’ stalls and shared her appreciation for the remarkable performances. Certainly, it was a great learning experience for our students, as it not only provided them a platform to raise voice for creating an environment of peace, prosperity and cooperation but also enhanced their vision about the world’s diverse cultures and civilizations.