35th IAYC—A Memorable Trip to Jordan

Ravi Campus students Mahnoor, Eeman, Usama Nadeem and Faseh Qureshi participated in the 35th International Arab Youth Congress 2016 from 8–14 August. IAYC gathers youth from around the world each year for a week of learning and cultural interaction in Amman, Jordan. This year’s theme ‘Innovation and Leadership’ was communicated through various workshops, panel discussions, tasks, exhibition and performances.

The opening ceremony started with Ms Lina Attel (Director, NCCA) welcoming the participants from different countries, followed by an introductory session where all the students talked about themselves briefly. After that, our students enthusiastically participated in a workshop on ‘Compassionate Communication’ conducted by Ms Anaud A Zoiabi and Dina Abu Ladan (Management of Festival, National Centre for Culture and Arts, Jordan). The first day came to an end with a panel session on Youth Engagement and Civic Participation where the students received immense appreciation for their performances.

The second day began with workshops on ‘The Compass of Innovation and Leadership’ and ‘Innovation in Education and its Relationship with the Performing Arts’. The opinion expressed by our citizens was applauded and also referred to a few times by Ms Zana Hoxha Krasniqi (Theater Director and Founder/CEO of Artpolis and FEMART Festival).

The students thoroughly enjoyed the third day by visiting the Royal Jordanian Stables and looking at the interesting relics displayed at the Jordon Museum. The next day was devoted to visiting Petra—The Rose City and they were very excited at the opportunity to explore the whole place.

The highlight of the conference was the musical and dance performance to ‘Sohni Dharti’ where our students engaged the whole crowd in singing along with them. An interactive session on ‘Social Cohesion’ and a play titled ‘Intersection’ by NCCA (theatre troupe) were among the other prominent events. Usama Nadeem also got the chance to give an interview to the Jordan National channel and promoted Pakistani culture, values and traditions, further enhancing Pakistan`s image on international platform.

The Princess of Jordan also attended the event and was highly impressed by the things displayed at the Pakistani stall. The traditional outfits at the stall were a huge hit and were admired by all. A cultural gift from the stall was presented to the Princess as a souvenir.

The Queen of Jordan was also present at the closing ceremony and the week-long conference came to an end on a positive note of friendship regardless of the differences in language and culture. The children gave an outstanding musical performance based on the skills they learned during the music workshops throughout the week.

The tour was memorable and the students had a great time meeting people from different places and getting to know them. They learned a lot from this trip and made TCS and their country proud by impressing everyone with their skills and behaviour.