The City School Pakistan Campuses

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School NameClass LevelSchool AddressTelephoneE-mailGenderCityRegion
Abbottabad Senior BranchClass 6 - class 11 & MatricHouse No CB-01 Rehmatullah Khan Road Oposite CMH Family Wing Abbottabad North Region
Abbottabad Junior BranchClass 3 - Class 5H.NO 233-A,Street No 1, Jinnahabad, North Region
Abbottabad Nursery BranchPG - Class 2House No 407, Street No 3, Jinnahabad Abbottabad Co-EducationAbbottabad North Region
Attock Campusclass 3 - O LevelKamra Road, Near Takbeer Colony Attock Region
Attock NurseryPG - class 2H No. 931, Officers Defence colony, Attock cantt057-2610444
AttockNorth Region
The City Nursery BahawalpurPG to Class 2Noor Mahal Road, Dubai Chowk Behind Circuit House, Bahawalpur062-2874912 / Region
The City Nursery Satellite TownPG to Class 2H#1, Akbar Colony, Satellite Town, Region
Bahawalpur CampusPG to Class 11 & A-LevelYazman Road Bahawalpur062-2023196
062-2023198 (PG to Class 2 & A-Level). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 3 to Class 11 )
BahawalpurCentral Region
Bannu CampusPG - O Level & MatricKatchry Road Sokari Karim blocks for girls and boysBannu North Region
Burewala CampusPG to Class 11Gulshan -E- Rehaman Multan Road (PG to Class 5). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 6 to Class 11 )
BurewalaCentral Region
Chakwal CampusPG - O Level & MatricThe City School Chakwal Campus Near Murid Airbase Talagang Road North Region
Charsada BranchPG - Class 3Musharaf Garden Near SP Office Mardan road Charsadda 091-6514678 Region
Chashma NurseryPG – Class 2Gerneli Road, Near Green Lagoon Hotel, Kundian, Region
The City Nursery ChiniotPG to Class 3Sardarzada Zafar Abbas House, Jhang Road, Region
The City Nursery Civil LinePG to Class 217-18, Block 23, Civil Lines, D.G. KhanCentral Region
D.G Khan CampusPG to Class 11 & MatricNew Defence View Housing Society, Jampur Road near Indus University, DG Khan064-2017619 / (PG to Class 5). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 6 to Class 11 & Matric )
D.G KhanCentral Region
D.I.Khan NurseryP.G - K.GNursery Branch Bangla Katti Khel Daraban Road D. I. Region
D.I.Khan CampusClass 1 - O level & MatricNear Zakori grave Yard Darban Road Region
The City School Junior Section Civil LinesPG to Class 7P-57/3, Bilal Street, Bilal Road, New Civil Lines, Faisalabad041-2409330
041-2621662 (PG to Class 5). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 6 to class 7)
FaisalabadCentral Region
The City School Junior Section People's ColonyPG to Class 7House # 146-B Chen-One Road, Peoples Colony # 1, Faisalabad041-8547563 / (PG to Class 5). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 6 to class 7)
FaisalabadCentral Region
Chenab CampusPG to Class 11 & MatricEast Canal Road, Near Raza Garden, Faisalabad041-8522490 / (PG to Class 2). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 3 to Class 11 & Matric)
FaisalabadCentral Region
A-Level Campus, FsdA-Level57 Green Villages, West Canal Road, Region
The City Nursery DC RoadPG to Class 211 D.C, Road Region
The City School Junior Section CanttPG to Class 5H#CB 137, (new 79), Quaid Azam Avenue Allama Iqbal Town,
Gujranwala Cantt Region
The City School Junior Section CanalPG to Class 5Main Sialkot Bypass Road, Gujranwala055 Region
Gujranwala CampusClass 6 to Class 11Main Sialkot Bypass Road, Near GIFT University, Sections for
Boys & Girls
GujranwalaCentral Region
Gujrat CampusPG to Class 11In front of Caltex Petrol Pump, Near Airport Chowk Bhimber Road (PG to Class 5). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 6 to Class 11 )
GujratCentral Region
Jinnah Campus QasimabadClass 3 to Class 11, Matric Plot#201, Sehrish Nagar, Qasimabad, Region
Liaquat Campus KohsarNur to Class 11, MatricPlot No. 505 & 506, Kohsar Housing Scheme, Phase-V, Airport Road, Region
Nursery Branch HyderabadPG ,NurBungalow No. 217/A Block C Unit No. 2 Latifabad Region
Pre-Junior Branch HyderabadClass 1 & 2A-65 Unit#3, Latifabad Hyderabad022-2100323/ Region
Qasimabad NurseryPG to NurPlot No A-4 & 5,Indus Gas Company Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Qasimbad, Region
The City Kindergarten - IIKGBungalow # A-5, Unit No. 3, Latifabad, Region
KG Qasimabad I HyderabadKGA-26, HDA Housing Scheme, Near Caltex Petrol Pump Qasimabad Region
Jr-I QasimabadClass 1Bunglow 8 A,Khalid Housing Soicety adjacent Muslim Housing Society, Qasimabad Region
Jr-II QasimabadClass 2Banglow # E-95,Sindhi muslim Housing Society , Qasimabad Region
Capital Campus, IslamabadClass 3 - A levels Pitras Bokhari Road Opposite Al-Shifa Hospital, Sector H-8/1- (Class 3 to 6) and A -level. Boys & Girls separate Class 7 to class 11 IslamabadNorth Region
DHA CampusPG - O levelAl Hajj Sher Sakhi Tower, Gul Plaza, Opposite DHA 2, Gate # 1,; Region
F-11 NurseryP.G - Class 2House # 316, Main Margallah Road F-11/3, Region
E-11 CampusPG - Class 9 & MatricThe City School E-11 Campus Plot No 891, St 59 E-11/3 Islamabad Co-EducationIslamabadNorth Region
F-8 NurseryPG - Class 2House # 2B, street # 8, Kohistan Road, F-8/3, Region
G- 10 NurseryP.G - Class 2H#337 main sawan road, G-10/3 Region
G-15 Nursery PG - Class 2H # 70, main double road, G-15/1 Islamabad IslamabadNorth Region
I-8/ 2 KindergartenKGHouse 21 Main Service road Sector I-8/2 Region
I-8/3 NurseryPG - NurseryH # 4 Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan Road I-8/3 Region
Capital Junior IClass 1House # 433, Main Service Road, I-8/2 Region
Capital Junior IIClass 2House 432, Main Service Road, I/8-2, Region
PWD NurseryPG - Class 2House # 233-A, Block-A, Main PWD Road, PWD Housing Society, Region
PWD JuniorClass 3 - Class 5House # 773, Street B 3-2, Block B, Police Foundation, PWD, Region
Jamshoro BranchPG to Class 7A-51, Phase-II, Sindh University Empl. Cooperative Housing Society, Region
Jehlum BranchPG - O Level & MatricOpp. ARY2 CNG Station, GT, Road Kala Gujra, Region
Jhang CampusPG to Class 11Rata Mata House Station Chowk Railway Road Civil Lines,
Jhang sadar (PG to Class 5). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 6 to Class 11 )
JhangCentral Region
The City School Junior Section JoharabadPG to Class 312-A, Mohalla Civil Lines, Joharabad - (Khushab) Region
The City Nursery Tipu SultanToddlers/PG / Nur / KG14- Al Hamra Society, Tipu Sultan Region
PECHS The City Nursery IPG / Nur/KG 43-G, Block 6, Region
PECHS The City Nursery-Shahra-e-FaisalPG / Nur /KG/Class 1 & 2Banglow # 20, Bangalore Town, Main Shahrah e Faisal021- 34536875, Region
PECHS The City Nursery -IV KAECHSPG/ Nur/KG/ Class 1 & 2House No.C-109, Block 4 Karachi Admin. Employees Cooperative Society, Region
PECHS The City Nursery-IIIPG/Nur/KG/Class 1 143-J, B2, Syed Sajjad Haider Yaldrum, Road021-34553066, Region
PECHS The City Nursery-II SMCHSPG/Nur/KG/Class 1 & 2A-217, SMCHS, Karachi021-34534363, Region
PECHS Junior AClass 2 and 3154 - N, Block 2, Khushal Road PECHS.021-34555792, Region
PECHS Junior BClass 3 & 4Plot # 419- Block-3, BYJCHS, Region
PECHS Junior GirlsClass 5 & 6147 Q, Block 2, Region
PECHS Junior BoysClass 5, 6 & 7144-C, B2, Hali Road, PECHS021-34558463, Region
PECHS Prep GirlsClass 7 & 8142 P, Block 2, Syed Sajjad Haider Yaldrum Road, Region
PECHS Senior GirlsClass 9, 10, 11398/3, Block # 3, Siraj-ud-Dullah Road PECHS, Karachi021-34938746, Region
PECHS Boys CampusClass 8 to Class 1115/D & 15/E, Al-Riaz Society,Near Hill Park Hospital Region
PECHS A 'LevelA-I / A-II42 T, Block 6, Dr. Mahmood Hussain Road,PECHS.021-34380006, Region
Gulshan The City Nursery IToddlers/PG /Nur E-124/1, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34960218, Region
Gulshan The City Nursery IIKG E-120/1, Block 7, Region
Gulshan The City Nursery IIIPG / Nur/KGB-37 Block 1-Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34968145, Region
Gulshan Junior AClass 1D-175, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34962651, Region
Gulshan Junior BClass 2D-165, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34960538 - Region
Gulshan Junior CClass 3E-74, Block 7, Region
Gulshan Junior DClass 4E-14, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34964044 021-34991903 - Region
Gulshan Junior EClass 5E-65/1, Block 4, Region
Gulshan Junior FClass 1, 2, 3 & 4D-12, 13 D/2 Gulshan-e-Iqbal02134819965, Region
Gulshan Junior GirlsClass 6 & 7E-65, Block 7 &, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34984058, 021-34800338 Region
Gulshan Prep GirlsClass 8 E-61, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34967855- Region
Gulshan Senior GirlsClass 9.10,11E-62, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34810400 - Region
Gulshan A-LevelA-I / A-IIE- 21/22, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34974172, Region
The City Nursery Johar IPG / Nur/ KG/Class 1Bunglow No. C-6,7,33,34,35, & 36, Block-8, Gulistan-e-Jauhar ( Next to Race Course)021-34016773, Region
Gulistan-e-Jauhar llClass 2 to 7Bunglow No. C-32, Block-8, Region
Gulshan Campus A (Boys)Class 7 to Class 11PB 6 Block B N.C.E.C.H.S Block 10-A ;; BoysKarachiSouth Region
Gulshan Campus BClass 1 to 6PB 4 Block B N.C.E.C.H.S Block 10-A Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34837634-5 / Region
Gulshan-e-Maymar CampusPG to Class 8ST-02, Sector W, Sub Sector V, Gulshan-e-Maymar021-36350029/ Region
Gulistan-e-Jauhar CampusToddlers/PG to Class 8ST-28, Block 14, Gulistan-e-Jauhar021-34661599,;Co-EducationKarachiSouth Region
North Nazimabad The City Nursery IPG /Nur/ KGF-91, Block-F, North Nazimabad021-36722622, Region
North Nazimabad The City Nursery IIPG/Nur/KG/Class 1 Bunglow No. E-69 Block- B, North Nazimabad, Region
North Nazimabad The City Nursery IIIToddlers/PG / Nur / KG/Class 1 & 2D-26, Block N, North Region
North Nazimabad Junior AClass 1 , 2E-54/1 Block F, North Nazimabad021- 36629779- Region
North Nazimabad Junior BClass 3, 4, & 5F-82, Block - B, North; Co-Education( Class 3&4), Girls (Class 5)KarachiSouth Region
North Nazimabad Junior BoysClass 4, 5, & 6F- 73, Block B, North Nazimabad021- 36646552- Region
North Nazimabad Prep GirlsClass 6, 7, & 8F-126/I, Block F, North Nazimabad021-36647706- Region
North Nazimabad Senior GirlsClass 9,10,11F - 126, Block F, North Region
North Nazimabad Boys CampusClass 7 to Class 11D-28, D-29, Block 'D' North;;BoysKarachiSouth Region
North Nazimabad A 'LevelAI - AIIF- 102/ 1, Block F, North Nazimabad021- Region
F.B. Area The City Nursery IPG / Nur /KGD-11, Block 11, F.B. Region
F.B. Area Junior AClass 1, 2, 3 & 4ST-4, Block 4, Region
Defence CampusPG to Class 2TC 2 / II Street 34, Khayaban-e-Rahat,Phase V, DHA021-35344352, 35347712, 35440654,;Co-EducationKarachiSouth Region
Darakhshan CampusClass 3 to Class 11DK-2/DK-4, Khayaban-e-Bukari, Phase-VI, DHA021-35842295 - 35346919, 32046547; Co-Education (Class 3 to 6), Boys & Girls separate Class 7 to 11) KarachiSouth Region
A-Level DefenceAI & AIITC 2 / I, Street 34, Khayaban-e-Rahat,Phase V, DHA021-35853904, Region
PAF ChapterPG to A 'LevelShaheed-e-Millat Extension, Off Shahrah-e-Faisal,021- (Communication) ;(A-Level)Co-EducationKarachiSouth Region
Kasur CampusPG to Class 11B-6 , 5-R , Defence Colony, Opposite Wapda Office, Kasur (PG to Class 5). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 6 to Class 11 )
KasurCentral Region
Khairpur BranchPG to Class 8 & MatricBungalow No. 37-38, Naveed Colony, Khaki Shah Ka Pul, Near Mirwa Canal, Khairpur Mir's0243-551074/ Region
Khanewal CampusPG to Class 11151 Afzal Town (PG to Class 5). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 6 to Class 11 )
KhanewalCentral Region
Kharian CampusPG - O Level & MatricNear Awan Marbel Factory Marala Mor G. T Road Jandanwala Region
Kohat NurseryPG - K.GHouse # 114 & 115, Sector 2, KDA, Region
Kohat CampusClass 1 - O Level & MatricOTS Road Near Bawana Sharif Bypass Road Kohat Region
KAPCO ChapterPG to Class 11 & MatricKAPCO Power Plant Compnay, Kot Addu District Muzaffargarh066-2301248 / 2301300
066-2301317 AdduCentral Region
The City Nursery GulbergPG to Class 215-C, Ghalib Road, Gulberg-II, Lahore042-35752081
042-35763448 Region
Shalimar CampusPG to Class 11 & Matric32-E, Industrial Area Gurumangat Road Gulberg III, (PG to Class 5). Girls Only (Class 6 to class 11 & Matric) LahoreCentral Region
A-Level CampusClass 10 to 11 & A1 to A230-E, Industrial Area, Gurumangat Road, Gulberg-III, Lahore042-35773321-22/
0315-4567777 (Class 10 to Class 11), Co-Education (A1 and A2)LahoreCentral Region
TCS Alpha - DHA CampusPG to Class 10296-B, Phase-VI, DHA (PG to Class 5). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 6 to class 10)
LahoreCentral Region
Paragon CampusPG to Class 9Plot No. 35, Burki Road, Paragon City, (PG to Class 5). Boys Only (Class 6 to class 9) LahoreCentral Region
Model Town Girls CampusPG to Class 912-B, Model Town (PG to Class 2). Girls Only (Class 3 to class 9) LahoreCentral Region
Model Town Boys CampusClass 3 to Class 11, 9M &10M202-M, Model Town Ext. Lahore042-35161707
042-35176849 / 35167361 Only (Class 3 to Class 8). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 9 & 11 , 9M &10M)
LahoreCentral Region
The City School Juior Section Iqbal TownPG to Class 5143- Rachna Block A.I.T Region
Muslim Town Girls CampusPG to Class 11100-A New Muslim Town (PG to Class 2). Girls Only (Class 3 to class 11) LahoreCentral Region
Muslim Town Boys CampusClass 3 to Class 11105-A New Muslim Town Lahore042-35861595,
042-35881175 Region
PECO Road CampusPG to Class 77-A/C, Main Peco Road, Township, (PG to Class 5). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 6 to class 7)
LahoreCentral Region
Ravi CampusPG to Class 11 & A-Level 303-304, H-III, Johar Town, (PG to Class 5 & A-level). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 6 to class 11)
LahoreCentral Region
The City Nursery Wapda TownPG to Class 222 B-4 WAPDA Town Region
The City School Juior Section CanalPG to Class 5Adjacent to Khan Filling Station, Opposite Toyota Ravi Motors, Multan Road, Lahore042-35299543
042-35299468 Region
Larkana Campus LarkanaPG to Class 11 , (Matric IX, X) The City School, Rato dero Road Larkana.074-4042552/ Region
The City School Junior Section Mandi BahauddinPG to Class 5Main Phalia Road, Region
Mardan CampusClass 1 - Matric / O LevelSugar Mill Road, Mardan Region
Mardan Girls BranchClass 3 - Class 8Sugar Mill Road, Mardan0937-870900
MardanNorth Region
Mardan Nursery BranchPG - KGThe City School Nursery sugar mill road Mardan Region
Mianwali CampusPG - O Level & MatricMahmood Khan Niazi House, Near Gul Maqsood goods, Talagang Road, Mianwali Region
Mirpur Nursery BranchPG - Class 2 House # 66-A, Sector - F -2 Mirpur (AJK) Region
Mirpur Senior BranchClass 3 to O LevelH # 37 Sector F-2 Mirpur Azad kashmir05827-442493 / Region
Mirpurkhas BranchPG to Class 8, (Matric IX, X)Plot No. 6 & 7, Block-9, Unit No.3, Satellite Town, Region
The City Nursery Suraj Miani RoadPG to Class 2444-A, Suraj Miani Road, Near Chungi # 1, Multan061-4545322, Region
The City Nursery Shah Rukn-e-AlamPG to Class 215-G, Near Underpass, Shah Rukn-e-Alam Road, Region
Multan CampusPG to Class 11 & Matric34-A, Gulgasht Colony Multan 061-6221957-6510058
061-6524746 (PG to Class 2). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 3 to Class 11 & Matric )
MultanCentral Region
Muzaffarabad CampusPG - O Level & MatricH # B-99 Upper Chatter Muzaffarabad Region
The City Nursery NawabshahPG to KGPlot No.A-04, CS No. 2267 Govt. Employees Cooperative Housing Society0244-364321 / Region
Nawabshah CampusClass 1 to O-Level / Matric IX, XPlot # D 31, Cooperative Housing Society Region
Nowshera CampusClass 3 - Matric & A LevelG.T Road Hakimabad, Region
Nowshera Nursery BranchPG- class 2Near Sui Gas Office Dheri katikhel Near hakeemabad Nowshera Region
Okara CampusPG to Class 112/4-L , Canal View Road near Canal View Housing Society, (PG to Class 5). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 6 to Class 11 )
OkaraCentral Region
PARCO ChapterPG to Class 11
Matric & F.Sc
PARCO Refinery, Qasba Gujrat Tehsil: Kot Addu, District: Region
Peshawar CampusClass 3 - A levels149 E Sector C-3 Phase 5 Hayatabad Peshawar091- Region
Warsak Nursery Branch PG - Class 4opposite Peshawar Public School & College, Azamabad (Tehkal Payyan), Warsak Road Region
Cantt Junior Branch Class 3 - Class 8House no: 7, Rafiqui Lane, Opposite Qayyum Stadium, Peshawar Region
Cantt Nursery Branch PG - Class 2H#1 Tehkal Payan Near Defence Colony Region
Town Nursery Branch PG - KGHouse # 5-A, Park road, University Town, Region
Town Pre-Junior Branch Class 1 - Class 2House 27 and 23A, Chinaar Road,
University Town,Peshawar Region
Town Junior/Boys BranchClass 3 - Class 8 & MatricH.No 5A/II, Park Road, University Town Region
Town Prep/Girls Branch Class 3- Class 8 & Matric House #: 1 Street 1 Abdara Road University Town Peshawar Region
Town O LevelsO LevelH # 25 A, Chinaar road, university town Region
Hayatabad Nursery BranchPG - KGHouse # 07, Sector D-1, Phase-1, Hayatabad Region
Hayatabad Junior BranchClass 1 & 2House #33,34, St#1 Sector K-5 Phase 3 Hayatabad Region
Quetta CampusClass 3 to A Levels, Matric (IX, X)758-A Jinnah Town, Samungli Road, Quetta Cantt. Quetta081-2829041, Region
Quetta Cantt CampusPG to Class 8Area EX Field Supply Platoon Khojak Lines Quetta Region
TCK-1 QuettaPlaygroup to Class 2H.No. 9-14/142-A, 3, Burganza Villas, Zarghoon Road, Quetta, Region
TCK-II QuettaPlaygroup to KG154/155-B, Jinnah Town, Samungli Road, Quetta Region
Pre Junior QuettaClass 1 & 269-A, Jinnah Town, Samungli Road, Quetta, Region
Rahim Yar Khan BranchPG - Class 11Makhdoom Alfaf Road, Canal Avenue, Rahim Yar Khan068-5020248/ KhanSouth Region
Satellite Town CampusClass 1 - O Level & MatricThe City School, 59-A, Satellite Town Campus Murree Road Region
Satellite Town Girls Class 3 - O Level26-A, Block A, Satellite Town, Region
Satellite Town Nursery PG - KG81-C S.Town Region
Civil Lines Branch PG - Class 7H # 179-A/B Sir Syed Road Region
Gulraiz Senior BranchClass 3- Class 9 (O-level) House # 267, Street # 06 Phase III Gulraiz Colony Rwp051-550 Region
Gulrez Nursery BranchPG - Class 2H # 514, Main Double Road, Gulrez Phase II, Gulrez Region
Cantt Nursery Branch PG - KGHouse # 144-A, Westridge 1, Main Peshawar Road Region
Cantt Pre Junior Branch Class 1-2House # 175/B, Westridge 1, Rawalpindi Region
Cant Prep Branchclass 6 - class 8 & MatricH.No. 01, Iqbal Road, Westridge 01, Region
Cantt Junior Branch class 3 - class 5H.No. 01, Iqbal Road, Westridge 01, Region
Cantt Senior Branch O/A Level SectionHouse # 337, Lane # 6, Peshawar Road, RWP Region
Harley Street Nursery Branch P.G - Class 298, 98A, Lane # 03, Harley Street, Rawalpindi Region
Harley Street Junior Branch Class 3 - Class 9House 98,98A Lane#3 Harley Street Region
Askari/Adyala BranchP.G - Class 3House # 1 main Adyala Road Region
Sahiwal CampusPG to Class 11 & A-LevelMuhammad Pur Road, Sahiwal040-4554727/ (PG to Class 5 & A-Level). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 6 to Class 11 )
SahiwalCentral Region
The City Nursery PAF RoadPG to KG1-E, Main PAF Road, Sargodha Region
Sargodha CampusClass 1 to Class 11Near Madina CNG, Madina Town (Class 1 to Class 2). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 3 to Class 11 )
SargodhaCentral Region
The City Nursery Bahadur Shah ZafarPG to Class 2108/5 Bahadur Shah Zafar road, Sargodha 048-3728400 Region
The City School Junior Section CanttPG to Class 5Tariq Road, Near Cantonment Board, Sialkot Cantt052-4268967 /
052-4264650 Region
The City Nursery Kashmir RoadPG to Class 2Pakka Garha, New Superior College, Kashmir Road, Region
Girls Campus SktClass 3 to A-Level & MatricFaraz Shaheed Road, Sialkot052-4291127 / Region
Iqbal Campus SktPG to A-Level & MatricFaraz Shaheed Road, Sialkot052-4261509 / (PG to Class 2). Boys Only (Class 3 to A-Level & Matric) SialkotCentral Region
Nursery Branch SukkurPG to KGA-55, Friend Cooperative Housing Society, Akhuwat Nagar, Region
Pre-Junior Branch SukkurClass 1 & 2Bungalow No. A-6, Professor Housing Society,Shaikarpur Rd, Region
Indus Campus SukkurPG to Class 11,Matric (IX-X)Survey No,258 Indus Valley Near Taj Filling Station Shikarpur Road Sukkur071-5806287, Region
Swabi BranchPG - Class 6Main Jehangira Road Panj Pir Naray Lar Region
Swat Nursery BranchPG - Class 2The City School Swat Nursery college colony saidu sharif Region
Swat CampusClass 3 - O level & MatricThe city school Swat Campus Near Wali Swat Palace, Khona Chum saidu sharif swat Region
Thatta BranchPG to Class 8, Matric (IX- X)A-54/A, Hashmabad Housing Society,Makli Region
Vehari CampusPG to Class 11Ikram Building, Near Madina Petroleum, Multan Road Vehari067-3365551/ (PG to Class 5). Separate Sections for
Boys & Girls (Class 6 to Class 11 )
VehariCentral Region
Wah cantt BranchPG - Class 3House no A-19 The Mall Lala Rukh Wah canttNorth Region
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